For Sale Listings
For Sale Expires: 2021-08-22

Callsign:   0000
Name:   Jody Bright
Telephone:   12503706150
City & Province:   Victoria,BC

5-Kenwood TK880 c/w palm mic, bracket - $ 80.00 each or best offer.

Kenwood TK880 c/w, power supply, desk mic – $ 100.00 or best offer.

2-XPR 5500e c/w palm mic, bracket – $ 250.00 each or best offer.

3-CDM 1550LS c/w palm mic, bracket - $ 100.00 each or best offer.

Ex560 XLS – $ 100.00 or best offer.

All equipment has been deprogramed and deactivated.

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-17

Callsign:   VE7DMH/VA7MN
Name:   Michael
City & Province:   Vancouver,BC

Zach magnetic dual lever paddle - solid brass construction, magnetic tension, short arms with wood finger paddles. Website - I would rate this key equal to my Begalis. Solid, precise piece of gear. I removed the paint on the brass and polished it up to reveal the natural brass sheen. It has a small oval medallion with VE7DMH on it. Reason for selling? I have too many keys! Don't want to sell the Begalis! If you are a serious CW operator you will like this key. Price $225 plus shipping. Can meetup in Greater Vancouver. Photos available on request.

CW enthusiasts! BEGALI EXPEDITION PADDLES - Professional quality instrument made by Begali of Italy. Magnetic tension key, short throw arms and precise light action. Made for performance, not showing off. Used very little. Original packaging. Price $325 + shipping, can deliver in greater Vancouver area. I have too many keys and need to downsize.

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-16

Callsign:   VA7PK
Name:   Chris Parker
City & Province:   Nanaimo,BC

Tram 1490 7/8 over 7/8 2m vertical antenna. Currently tuned to cover the entire 2m amateur band with 2:1 SWR at the edges (verified with my nanoVNA). 10'6" tall, includes mounting bracket for attaching to mast. Would make a great base station antenna. Has an SO-239 connector. $75 obo

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-16

Callsign:   VE7KOJ
Name:   Ethann
City & Province:   Kelowna,BC

DV 3K Dongle. It works perfectly. I just don't have the time to do amateur radio stuff. Asking $150.00 etransfer plus $5.00 shipping. Contact me to arrange shipping or pickup.

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-09

Callsign:   VE7GZ
Name:   Fern Rivard
Telephone:   2504264329
City & Province:   Cranbrook,BC

Nice Icom IC-745 hf transceiver c/w hand microphone and copy of service manual. The radio is fully loaded with all options including electronic keyer, fm board and loaded with all optional filters.Just finished servicing it with alignment, etc. Asking $500 plus shipping Contact me for photos or/& on air demonstration. If you require a 12 volts dc supply, I can supply on of them as well.

Free to give away Motorola Mitrex vhf and uhf mobile radios chassis only so no cables or control heads. These were all working units but forgot that I still had those in storage. These would be ideal to make brick vhf or uhf amplifiers to boost you low power portables radios Pse contact me for more details or photos.

Several Sinclair vhf duplexers to use with repeaters.. Asking $50 each. Prefer pick up only as too expensive to ship and package. Pse contact me for more details or photos.

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-08

Callsign:   VE7KHI
Name:   KEVIN
Telephone:   250 335-3085
City & Province:   HORNBY ISLAND,BC

PX3 Combination Kit – for your KX3 PX3 - F Serial Number 255X, December 2017 Includes:

1. Factory Assembled PX3-F – including original purchase documentation into Canada.
2. Nifty Plexiglass PX3 Stand for side by side arrangement with your KX3 (Photo available)
3. High Profile, protective Side-KX Side Rails with Side-KX Lexan cover
4. Custom Wood Stand for Over/Under setup (Photo available)
5. Nifty Portable Operations Manual
6. Elecraft Documentation manual
7. Connection Cable pair between KX3 and PX3
8. Custom Pelican #1450 Case for Portable Operations / Shipping: Custom Slots for: Your KX3 (not included), Your new PX3, Your Bienno 17 Amp Hour LIPO Battery (not included), and Your Mic, cables, charger, Mini Manual etc.
9. 2 Sets of Dual Cables with Anderson Powerpoles and right angle power jack to your KX3 and your new PX3:1 Short Pair for easy portable tabletop operations1 Longer Pair for home shack
$1075 plus shipping and insurance ( 28% discount to current market prices ) Payment arranged by mutual consent.

For Sale Expires: 2021-08-07

Callsign:   VE7FD
Name:   Cliff
Telephone:   604-626-4010
City & Province:   Langley,BC

Two sets receiver & transmitter for mouthpiece &receive for vintage style telephones from back in the day. Brand new, never used. Picture on request. Pick up my QTH 244 st and 60th Ave Langley area. Set outside for your pick up date. Pay by bank interac. $25

For Sale Expires: 2021-07-27

Callsign:   ve7ren
Name:   Brent Redenbach
Telephone:   12504975651
City & Province:   okanagan falls,BC

dualband mobile antenna-DIAMOND BRAND- model sg-7500nmo . used lightly and works as it should. $85

For Sale Expires: 2021-07-27

Callsign:   VE7GZ
Name:   Fern Rivard
Telephone:   2504264329
City & Province:   Cranbrook,BC

Icom IC-A21 aircraft portable transceiver c/w leather carrying case and charger. Radio is in excellent condition both cosmetically and electronically. Asking $150 plus shipping. Pse contact me for photos or more information.

For Sale Expires: 2021-07-25

Callsign:   VE7BOX
Name:   Lorne Barber
Telephone:   250 674 3375
City & Province:   Clearwater,BC

HBRF03 QRP radio No rx or tx. Display ok $25. .

HBR10HF Rx good, No TX, suspect finals. $30. (QRP)

uBTX v5 QRP , works great except int encoder, easily replaced. $125

uBTX v6 QRP works FB needs fine tuning of freq and BFO. $150

Visual impairment prevents me from working on these so I offering them to others. Shipping extra.


Callsign:   VE7GZ
Name:   Fern Rivard
Telephone:   2504264329
City & Province:   Cranbrook,BC

JPS Communications NIR-10 noise reduction unit. These sold new for $300 USD. Asking $50 plus shipping. Pse contact me for more info or and photos

DX Engineering LC-2-T4X speech processor used with drake T4 series of transmitters. These are very rare and much sought at. This will give you at least 6 db improvement in talk power. These has two separate crystal filters to select either usb or lsb. Asking $150.00 plus shipping

Uniden Bearcat BC590XLT 100 channels radio scanner in excellent condition. Asking $50 plus shipping