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For Sale Expires: 2018-07-23

Callsign:   9BC357
Name:   Chris
City & Province:   Chilliwack,BC

Cetron 572B matched set. 1977 date code.These tubes are like new and have full output. These were recently rotated from a FL2100B with another set dated 1973 and and don't need to be gettered. Ready to use. $200 Images:

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-23

Callsign:   VE7GPG
Name:   Greg greene
Telephone:   250 254 1340
City & Province:   Creston,BC

Yaesu FT 1200 with FFT board and mic $1000.00

Yaesu FL7000 3 button 600 watt no tune amp checked out by N4ATS 1500.00 buy this amp and the FT1200 and I'll throw in the cables !

MFJ 989C 3K tuner 400.00

Heil Gold Mike and holder and foot switch 100.00

All items in perfect working order - pictures avail on request

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-20

Callsign:   VE3WDM
Name:   Mike Weir
Telephone:   647 449-1715
City & Province:   Toronto,ON

K3 10 watt serial number 3619 excellent shape KAT3 Tuner KTCX03-1 KSYN3A KXV3 RX KIO3 KBPF3 2.7K 5 pole crystal filter KFL3A-6K 500Hz inrad 8 pole filter 400Hz inrad 8 pole filter 250Hz inrad 8 pole filter Firmware updated to current release Power cable Elecraft mod done so radio can power on P3 Nifty mini manual Fred Caddy manual VFO A and B 73CNC deluxe knobs PRICE ASKING 1800.00 I can email pictures of the rig.

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-15

Callsign:   VA7XO
Name:   Joe
Telephone:   778-212-5827
City & Province:   Vernon,BC

Ameritron ALS-600 SX brand new still in the box. Never used. Never plugged in. New is 2790.00 at Radio world. First $1000.00 takes it. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-14

Callsign:   VE7CG
Name:   Albert Hepworth
Telephone:   250-675-5545
City & Province:   Sorrento,BC

MFJ 949-D Antenna tuner- 160 - 10 Meters with manual asking $50.00 plus Shipping.

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-12

Callsign:   VE7AY
Name:   Jerry
Telephone:   778-634-3859
City & Province:   Terrace,BC

4 portable mics. All worked fine when last used:
Icom AT02
Yaesu GX757II
Aftermarket Baja (Kenwood HT)
Motorola commercial that I don't know the model.
$60.00 for the lot.

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-11

Callsign:   VE7GZ
Name:   Fern Rivard
City & Province:   Cranbrook,BC

Icom IC-765 transceiver in excellent condition, late production radio, c/w all options and all optional filters as well as aftermarket InRad roofing filter. Also comes with original owners and service manual. Also have available various boards from IC-761 that are compatible with IC-765. The problematic trimmer caps were already replaced by Icom in the past. The radio has no known issues and can be demo on the air.Radio comes with Icom hand microphone. Asking $950 for all plus shipping. I may be able to deliver to the west coast later on this summer. Please contact me for photos or any other information.Reason for selling is that i have too many radios.

Late production Kenwood TS-940S hf transceiver c/w built-in antenna tuner, original owners and service manuals. Also has an aftermarket extended memory board installed in lieu of voice anunciator option. Also have an optional TS-940 parts radio. Transceiver is in excellent operating and cosmetic condition.Asking $900 plus shipping for same or may be able to personally deliver to the west coast later on this summer. Please contact me for photos or any other information that you may need.

Complete Collins Station, 32S3 transmitter, 75S3-B receiver (which was professionally upgraded to the 75S3-C option with extra crystal deck), 516F2 power supply in matching cabinet, 312B4 wattmeter /speaker/ phone patch console. All of the above are matching winged emblem series c/w manuals. No issues and all are in working condition.Asking $1800 plus shipping and will look at all serious offers. Also have as an option DX-Engineering speech processor for the transmitter.I may be able to deliver to the west coast or interior later on this summer. Please contact me for photos or any inquiries. Reason for selling is that I have another complete Collins S line station so only need one.


Callsign:   Estate of ve7ehb
Name:   V. Iluk
Telephone:   2507648286
City & Province:   Kelowna,BC

Icom 765 transceiver. Had some service work done 2013 by Comtek in Poulsbo Washington. Comes with sm6 icom mic. As is $600.00 plus shipping

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-06

Callsign:   ve7bml
Name:   rick
Telephone:   250-992-5752
City & Province:   quesnel,BC

coils ,caps.,turns counters ,band switch to build antenna tuner $150 OBO

37' fold over base, crank up tower $400 OBO

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-01

Callsign:   VE7CG
Name:   Albert Hepworth
Telephone:   250-675-5545
City & Province:   Sorrento,BC

Kenwood TS-450-S HF Transceiver with Automatic Antenna Tuner , $400.00 with Manual

Straight Key Speed-X $100.00

For Sale Expires: 2018-06-30

Callsign:   VE7XF
Name:   Ralph Parker
Telephone:   250-339-4452
City & Province:   Comox,BC

Heathkit SB-220 converted to single-band 6m amp. All the Harbach mods, vacuum relays, new 6m input/output circuits, vernier tuning. 1000+ watts output. $600.

Vintage boatanchor receivers and transmitters, some restored, some not. All have potential. Details available. Serious offers considered. Central Electronics 20-A xmtr, (two); Collins ART-13 xmtr; Collins 310B exciter; Elmac PMR-6A mobile rcvr; Elmac PMR-8 mobile rcvr; Hammarlund HQ-129X (restored); Harvey-Wells Bandmaster Deluxe (restored); Johnson Viking Valiant; Johnson Viking Ranger (restored); Johnson Viking Navigator (restored); National NC-2-40D; National NC-100XA (dirty); National HRO-7 with speaker and 4 bandspread coils; Hallicrafters SX-17; Halli HT-37 xmtr; Halli SX-71 rcvr; Halli TO Keyer (working); Heathkit DX-60 xmtr + HG-10 VFO; Heathkit SB-301 rcvr; Heathkit SB-610 monitor scope (working); Scott CZC-46209 navy rcvr (.1-24 mhz); BC-348 rcvr (two); Command set rcvrs and xmtrs;

For Sale Expires: 2018-06-29

Callsign:   VE7KFM
Name:   Karol
City & Province:   Victoria,BC

Wilson System-1 Five-element 3-Bander [20/15/10] Expertly refurbished HF yagi. My best antenna, before I built my current 5-element mono-band 'flame thrower'. $350.

Two GEM QUADs -- Canadian Classics! One 2-element and one 4-element HF beams. Both can be put up as 3-Banders [20/15/10] or up to 5-Banders [20/17/15/12/10]. $200. for the 2-element $400. for the 4-element. Discount if you buy both....

NEW picket-fence-type parabolic reflector for 144/220/440 MHz . Light commercial- grade w/ ~7' wingspan that disassembles into 3 sections for ease of transport. From my QTH I can hit Vancouver repeaters using a 1 watt handy-talkie! ONLY $50.

“MRT” and other element-to-boom aluminium castings/fittings for your antenna projects. Make your antennas look 'professional' -- not the amateurish grade-school industrial-arts abortions sometimes seen in the Handbook/Antenna Books! Advice FREE. USED $3. - $5.

COAX -- RG-6/U [NEW]; RG223 [MIL-C-17 NEW]; RG-59; RG-62; BELDEN 8233 [RG- 11 NEW]; BELDEN 89880 [NEW]; ANDREW LDF4-50 HELIAX [N connectors NEW & USED also available]; etc. NEW 1⁄2 price. USED 1⁄4 price new. Some of it FREE.

MASTS -- galvanized steel, aluminium & fiberglass. Up to 2" in DIA and from ~5' to 20+' long, some NEW. Including thrust-bearings, thrust-collars, Wx-tight boxes suitable for antenna switching & such, Rx pre-amplifiers & other ~related fittings/accessories. Cheap like ‘borscht’!

60′ Self-supporting, galvanized-steel, commercial MD tower. Six 10′ sections w/ house bracket + guys + base plate +. My 1st tower.... Would make an ideal tilt-over. Plans/~expert advice FREE. ONLY $150.

DELHI 56′ Self-supporting HD tower. Used, but in good condition, down & ready to go, with nuts/bolts/guys. Reduced to $400. -- for the procrastinators -- don't wait for the 1st rains/frost/snows to start your tower/antenna work....

MUCH aluminium tubing from ~1⁄4” to ~2′′ in the desired 'slips-into-the-next-larger-size' dimensions, for your antenna projects. Cheap like ‘borscht’ -- by weight @ scrap alu. prices!

ROTATORS. From TV-types for your VHF/UHF needs, through HAM-IV types to a CREATE RC5A-2 capable of turning large antennas.

For Sale Expires: 2018-06-25

Callsign:   VE7McK
Name:   George
Telephone:   250 - 334 - 2364
City & Province:   Courtenay ,BC

TenTec 422 Centurion HF Amplifier - $1500
- Coverage - 1.8 - 29.7 MHz
- 1300 Watts SSB - 1000 Watts CW
- Rebuilt 2015 and placed in storage -
- Includes - New Peter Dahl designed Hammond
custom made power transformer
- New matched pair RF Parts 3-500ZG power tubes
- Infinity speed control fan
- Manual and all documentation

For Sale Expires: 2018-06-24

Callsign:   VE5EDE
Name:   Bob Drayer
Telephone:   306-814-0015
City & Province:   Sturgis,SK

Canadian TAD M-10....2m FM, 30w, 396 memory channels. Probably the toughest, most reliable VHF rig ever made, operating perfectly in the North at temps well below -40. Small size, HiFi audio and broadcast quality transmission. DTMF microphone and power cord. Body 8.5 and display 9.5. $125 shipped and insured.


Callsign:   Estate of VE7SOO
Name:   VE7SOO XYL - Sheila
Telephone:   250 743-5683
City & Province:   Cobble Hill,BC

ICOM-706mkIIg with mic, mounting bracket, power cord, manual and original box: $500.00

Astron RS20A power supply: $50.00

Pyramid 12A power supply: $20.00

RCI-2950 10m All Mode: $100.00

Heathkit HM-102: $20.00

2 Archer Rotors with control boxes, RadioShack frequency counter, Micronta 2.5A P.S., SWR meters, box of coax open for offers.

Free standing 40' tower with unknown antenna on it, it needs to be taken down, Sheila would probably let it go for $100 if you take it down. It is in a tough spot surrounded by trees. The QTH is in Cobble Hill, please call Sheila for details.