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For Sale Expires: 2020-08-08

Callsign:   VA7EM
Name:   Rick Phillips
Telephone:   2509380503
City & Province:   Vernon,BC

FREE TOWER..48 foot (so I'm told) free standing DMX tower. Still in place to be taken down by you. Located at Carrs Landing. Between Kelowna and Vernon. This needs to be removed by 15th July 2020. Retired ham has moved to Vernon and is not able to remove himself.

For Sale Expires: 2020-08-04

Callsign:   VE7XF
Name:   Ralph Parker
Telephone:   250-941-1046
City & Province:   Comox,BC

Down East Microwave 6m transverter, 28mhz IF, 25 watts out - $300.

Down East Microwave 2m transverter, 28mhz IF, 25 watts out - $300.

Steppir 4 element 20m-6m Yagi, new in box, never used, with optional connector junction box and 250' of new control cable - $4000.

Cushcraft XM-240, 2 element 40m Yagi, new in box, never used - $1000.

Eimac 3CX800 transmitting tube, hardly used - $350.

813 amplifier project - most of the parts for a 2 tube HF amp, with desktop cabinet and separate 1500v power supply. Tubes included. $250.

Used M2 Orion 2800 rotator (DC), with controller and 200' of new cable. $1200.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-29

Callsign:   VE7AM
Name:   Mike
Telephone:   250-558-4899
City & Province:   VERNON,BC

Sprague NEW .01 mf. 10 KV doorknob caps. Qty. of 25 10.00 each plus shipping

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-28

Callsign:   VE7TDE
Name:   Darrell Enns
City & Province:   Port Coquitlam,BC

Kenwood TS-940SAT HF transceiver. Built in antenna tuner, clean 100W output, Excellent condition. $750 - reduced price, a great deal!

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-28

Callsign:   va3xq
Name:   jeff peacock
City & Province:   strathroy,ON

Cushcraft MA6VA antennas provide the same great versatility and performance as the MA5VAs with the addition of 6 meters. HF Vertical Antenna covers 20 through 6 metres. Cushcraft MA6VA antennas provide the same great versatility and performance as the MA5VAs with the addition of 6 meters. Additional info at: $400 includes shipping in canada

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-26

Callsign:   VE7DOG
Name:   Paul
Telephone:   604-345-6810
City & Province:   Oliver,BC

Homebrew Vintage Antenna Tuner capable of handling up to 1Kw. This was made by another operator (SK). $350.00 plus Shipping e-transfer or Paypal (+fees) Photo's can be viewed @

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-22

Callsign:   VE7SXS
Name:   Simon Thompson
Telephone:   2506350935
City & Province:   Terrace,BC

KX3 (S/N 62xx) factory assembled with the following options:
KXBC3 NiMH charger: factory installed
KXAT3 tuner: factory installed
KXFL3 filter: factory installed


BNCBP antenna binding post, MH3 microphone, KX3 PcKT accessory cable kit; the KX3USB cable is included with the radio XG50 49.38 MHz signal source (assembled and working perfectly) Plus!

ProAudio Engineering Heatsink; the heat sink was installed without taking the paint off the original rear panel on the radio. I still have the original unmarked rear panel. ProAudio Engineering KX 33 power supply Gem's Products SideKX handles; I still have the original Elecraft end panels. Gem’s Products Lexan cover, which is awesome and which I would recommend to anyone who owns the radio. Original packaging (shipping carton inside shipping box and Elecraft-labelled plastic bags for Elecraft accessory items) and original manual is included, but shipping is not included. I have downloaded and installed the latest updates for the radio, and everything is working perfectly. The Elecraft-KX3 suggests a fair price for this package would be $1600 US, or $2100 Cdn. so that is what I am asking.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-22

Callsign:   ve7if
Name:   Wally Case
Telephone:   604 358-2341
City & Province:   Surrey,BC

< b> RCA Microphone TAC200 by Shure Bros+Model MI-594000-A1

Realistic ceramic Microphone Mod TRC-24

Icom Dynamic microphone

Gemtronics Microphone

Shure Microphone Model 104C

Motorola Microphone Model TMN6013A

Shure Microphone Model 414A

All mics open to offers

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-22

Callsign:   VA3AQB
Name:   Alan
Telephone:   7058909822
City & Province:   Barrie ,ON

Arduino based Hygain rotator displays. Unit is fully wired and tested with 1inch OLED display. I’m shipping in no box to keep the cost down. The first 10 will get a 3D printed bezel for free. After that add $3 for a bezel if you need. The price will be $43 shipped in Canada. (Hygain break delay is also available)

For more information check these videos or email me at :

Hygain Brake delay, I have a few. 3 second brake delay and holes if you wanted to add LED showing brake disengaged. Assembled and shipped in Canada for $30. Email and will send you a invoice. Email if want pictures.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-21

Callsign:   VE7FW
Name:   Don Jepson
Telephone:   778-228-7163
City & Province:   Coquitlam,BC

Alinco DJ-500 dual band hand-held. Comes with hand mike, extra battery, and two charging bases. Also included, RT Systems programming software and cable, and Pelican type water tight case. $150.00 plus shipping


Callsign:   Estate of VE7CNW
Name:   Alun Jones - VE7JO
Email:   VE7JO@SHAW.CA
Telephone:   2503381655
City & Province:   Royston,BC

A MINT HEATHKIT SB 220 AMP FRONT PANEL. Supplied with an original Heathkit SB220 assembly manual in excellent condition. ASKING $50

CUSHCRAFT R7 trapped vertical antenna. Rebuilt, tested, dismantled then stored under cover. Tested OK. ASKING PRICE $225

All asking prices do not include cost of shipping

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-16

Callsign:   VE7MM
Name:   Martin Mac Gregor
Telephone:   250 738 2601
City & Province:   Qualicum Beach,BC

4-400 (A&C plate materials), various brands. All routine maintenance working pulls from AM station. 12 available. $75 each, postage included

4-400 glass chimneys. 6 available. $35 each, postage included

4-400 sockets. 4 available. $20 each postage included

Tubes and sockets as a package - lot price for tubes,chimneys and bases $750 including post within Canada

2-32uF 4500 Vdc capacitors. Made by GE - test OK See - $250 US each at RF Parts! $75 each or $125 the pair plus postage.

- 1 kW++ sold state amplifier 'kit'- 0.4 to 7.5 MHz CW/SSB/AM Comprises: Amplifier Board mounted on heat sink (complete and assembled). 48 Vdc 30A+ power supply (240 Vac input - a 120 V 15A circuit has insufficient capacity). Case, Fans,Meter, 30A circuit breaker etc. See for latest version, but now less heat sink. Requires final assembly as now must accept my hand skills are not longer capable! Well over $1000 US in parts when purchased - Price $500 including Canadian postage.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-13

Callsign:   VE7WO
Name:   Brian
City & Province:   ,BC

SteppIR 3 element 20-6 metre beam Brand new never installed. Come with 150' control cable 6 metre element New upgraded boots New foam inserts New chip for contol box $1600

Collins 51J-4 working with all filters in beautiful wooden case $500

TMC GPR-90. working in case $500

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-13

Callsign:   VE7BCU
Name:   Brian
City & Province:   Comox,BC

Kaito KA1102 AM/FM/SW with SSB receiver. Probably the smallest portable for SSB/CW. Double conversion. Very good condx. Runs on 4 AA batts (included) or rechargeables or AC adapter (included). Ext. antenna jack. Copy of manual. Covers SW 3.00-29.99 MHz. Lots of info online. $60.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-09

Callsign:   VE7FY
Name:   Pete Orobko
Telephone:   604 463 4904
City & Province:   MAPLE RIDGE,BC

Collins 51S1 Military manual. Asking$15.00

Four high resolution photographs of a Collins 32V2 transmitter.$10.00.

Pair of Collins mechanical filters part number 526 9463 010, F 100 Z 8B These are on a circuit board.$25.00

Kenwood speaker mic model SMC-25. $10.00

I will ship all the above items for $60.00. Have a free large Icom calender and photo of Icom 7610 for 2019.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-08

Callsign:   VE7SYG
Name:   Ethann
City & Province:   Kelowna,BC

Kenwood TS60S six meter multimode mobile with SO2 high stability reference oscillator installed, mobile mounting bracket, stock mobile microphone, power cord and owners manual. In excellent condition and working as it should. Never been mobile. Non smoker. Asking $450.00 cdn cash or etransfer. No text messages and serious enqueries only. Pickup in Kelowna BC or purchaser pays shipping.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-08

Callsign:   ve7fe
Name:   Jurgen Traude
Telephone:   250-750-4534
City & Province:   McLeod Lake,BC

Yaesu FT-990AC w. built in antenna tuner250 Hz CW filter2.0 kHz SSB filter No mic Asking firm 600.00 $

Yaesu FT-900AT with built in antenna tuner Detachable face plate 250Hz CW filter MH-31 Hand mic Separation kit cable Asking firm 650.00 $

All 4 items from a non smoking environment. Pictures available on request.

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-28

Callsign:   no callsign
Name:   Chris
City & Province:   Chilliwack,BC

Acom 1000 2010 Brown face model Works like new. 1200W PEP 160-6M $2000 FIRM

For Sale Expires: 2020-07-28

Callsign:   ve2zhp
Name:   Janusz Juryk
City & Province:   La Prairie,QC

2 SB series cabinets, for models SB-100,101,102,300,400,301,401. Good condition but would need a paint job. $25.00 each + shipping

IT-18 Transistor checker, good condition, $40.00 + shipping

HD-11 Q Multiplier, PARTS unit, $20.00 + shipping

QF-1 Q-Multiplier, PARTS unit or restorable, $15.00 + shipping

Vishay Sfernice Power Resistor, model LPS 800. 50 ohm, 1% Power rating 800 watts. Great as a dummy load in a homebrew antenna tuner. Have all the technical and installation documentations. Measures 2 3/8'' x 2 1/4'' Price 125.00 shipped