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For Sale Expires: 2018-08-19

Callsign:   VE7VV
Name:   Roger
City & Province:   Victoria,BC

Yaesu G1000SDX rotator, no RS232 interface, new mast clamp and hardware, takes 6 conductor cable. Very good condition. Works fine. $300. Current model is $943 at Radioworld.

M2 Orion RC2800P rotator and controller, AC motor version, factory refurbished by M2 in 2011. When removed from tower in June 2016 it was working very well. This is a very strong rotator, 35 sq ft wind load, 3200 in-lb turning torque, weighs 42 lbs. (HyGain T2X Tailtwister is only 20 sq ft wind load and 1000 in-lb turning torque.) Very reasonably priced at $600. Current model is C$3500 new.

B&W VS300A 300W antenna tuner. Circuit and component wise this is very similar to the MFJ-941E ($209 at RadioWorld), but with better construction and appearance. Like new (may be unused, obtained from an estate sale.) In original box with manual. $40.

For Sale Expires: 2018-08-13

Callsign:   va7wfd
Name:   billy
Telephone:   604 206 1857
City & Province:   hope bc,BC

dentron MLA2500b amplifier..tubes [eimac 8875s] less than 60 hrs .., recently had harbrach soft start module convertion ...seeing legal limit with 70w drive ..$650 firm

drake mn 2000 tuner anything , found to be better than modern day inteletuners ..$180

high sierra screwdriver antenna ..fitted to hitch bar ...with 102" whip for 80mtr coverage ..$150 .

MFJ antenna analizer ..$150 .

For Sale Expires: 2018-08-07

Callsign:   VA7EM
Name:   Rick Phillips
Telephone:   250-938-0503
City & Province:   Vernon,BC

Used Mosley Classic Tribander. 20 - 15 - 10 meter bands. Full legal limit. 18' boom 3 element. This looks to be still in good condition. Has been in storage out of rain for last 20 years. It is almost complete. Just requires a boom to mast bracket and a few sheet metal screws to lock elements together. This is a $1200 Cdn antenna new replacement. Specs here Local Pickup only. Vernon B.C. Call or Text. Priced at $200.

For Sale Expires: 2018-08-03

Callsign:   ve7ren
Name:   brent
Telephone:   250-497-5651
City & Province:   okanagan falls ,BC

Yaesu Model: ft270 Price: trade - i have a perfect yaesu ft270 with AA optional battery pack i purchased last yr. hardly use it.AS NEW box,manual,etc,etc. i would like to trade for a icom 2300h or equivalent

For Sale Expires: 2018-08-03

Callsign:   VE7MM
Name:   Martin Mac Gregor
Telephone:   250 738 6898
City & Province:   Qualicum Beach,BC

AM kW - RCA BTA-1S Broadcast Transmitter in good order and condition. 160/80 Metre conversion not optimally finished. All tuning capacitors replaced with vacuum variables. To finalize conversion 'Roller Coaster' and oscillator inductors are included in sale. Original Xtal oscillator board can be driven by VFO or commercial signal generator. Designed to cover 630 through to 80 Metre band. Includes as an new manual and more than a full set of spare tubes! Buyer collects or arranges shipping. $1500

SteppIR SDA 100 Controller for DB11 Antenna Never used or connected, c/w transceiver interface and tuning relay options. As new with OEM PSU. $399

For Sale Expires: 2018-08-01

Callsign:   ve7ect
Name:   dave blackstone
Telephone:   2507201989
City & Province:   Port Alberni,BC

Swan 1200-x cw-ssb hf amp 10 to 80. 200.00

Icom ic-290h 144 MHz all mode transceiver $75.00

Tikit (Ten-Tec) 1208 6 meter transverter $35.00

Quansheng 5 watt hand held 2 meter,with hand mic and 2 batts $80.00

Icom ic-735 hf rig, Icom ant tuner, Icom power supply - all matching set very good. $600.00


Astron rs-20a power supply best offer

yaesu ym-38 desk mic $30.00

1000 WATT ANT SWITCH 3 OUTPUT. best offer

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-31

Callsign:   VE7KY
Name:   Stefan Samu
Telephone:   1-250-212-7998
City & Province:   Prince George,BC

ICOM 737A, HF radio with matching PS-15 power supply. All band transceiver, features a 500 kHz to 30 MHz general coverage receiver with a beautiful back-lit LCD display. It has a built-in automatic antenna tuner. 10 to 100 watts full duty RF output SSB/CW/FM (40W AM). The double band stacking register stores 2 frequencies along with modes in each band so it can be used like 2 VFO's in one band. Comes in original box, with original manual, separate cable for 13.8V operation and an Icom HM-12 microphone. Works and looks great, has rarely been used. Nonsmoking environment. $550.00

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-27

Callsign:   VA7SUV
Name:   Ron
Telephone:   250-287-4886 cell:25
City & Province:   Campbell River ,BC

YAESU FT 2000 D Complete with matching power supply with data management unit. DMU-2000. Includes 24” monitor with keyboard. $3,400.00

ICOM 751A with phone patch. $500.00

1 Quantity - YAESU FT 2800 M. $100.00 each

1 Quantity - YAESU External speaker SP6 $100.00 each

ICOM external speaker SP 20 $125.00

ASTRON RS -20A. Power supply. $40.00

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-23

Callsign:   9BC357
Name:   Chris
City & Province:   Chilliwack,BC

Cetron 572B matched set. 1977 date code.These tubes are like new and have full output. These were recently rotated from a FL2100B with another set dated 1973 and and don't need to be gettered. Ready to use. $200 Images:

Matched set of Eimac 3-500Z tubes. Date code 77-44. Tested on heathkit SB220 1KW on CW position (low) with 75w in. $300

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-23

Callsign:   VE7GPG
Name:   Greg greene
Telephone:   250 254 1340
City & Province:   Creston,BC

Yaesu FT 1200 with FFT board and mic $1000.00

Yaesu FL7000 3 button 600 watt no tune amp checked out by N4ATS 1500.00 buy this amp and the FT1200 and I'll throw in the cables !

MFJ 989C 3K tuner 400.00

Heil Gold Mike and holder and foot switch 100.00

All items in perfect working order - pictures avail on request


Callsign:   Estate of ve7ehb
Name:   V. Iluk
Telephone:   2507648286
City & Province:   Kelowna,BC

Icom 765 transceiver. Had some service work done 2013 by Comtek in Poulsbo Washington. Comes with sm6 icom mic. As is $600.00 plus shipping

For Sale Expires: 2018-07-27

Callsign:   VE7KFM
Name:   Karol
City & Province:   Victoria,BC

Wilson System-1 Five-element 3-Bander [20/15/10] Expertly refurbished HF yagi. My best antenna, before I built my current 5-element mono-band 'flame thrower'. $350.

Two GEM QUADs -- Canadian Classics! One 2-element and one 4-element HF beams. Both can be put up as 3-Banders [20/15/10] or up to 5-Banders [20/17/15/12/10]. $200. for the 2-element $400. for the 4-element. Discount if you buy both....

NEW picket-fence-type parabolic reflector for 144/220/440 MHz . Light commercial- grade w/ ~7' wingspan that disassembles into 3 sections for ease of transport. From my QTH I can hit Vancouver repeaters using a 1 watt handy-talkie! ONLY $50.

“MRT” and other element-to-boom aluminium castings/fittings for your antenna projects. Make your antennas look 'professional' -- not the amateurish grade-school industrial-arts abortions sometimes seen in the Handbook/Antenna Books! Advice FREE. USED $3. - $5.

COAX -- RG-6/U [NEW]; RG223 [MIL-C-17 NEW]; RG-59; RG-62; BELDEN 8233 [RG- 11 NEW]; BELDEN 89880 [NEW]; ANDREW LDF4-50 HELIAX [N connectors NEW & USED also available]; etc. NEW 1⁄2 price. USED 1⁄4 price new. Some of it FREE.

MASTS -- galvanized steel, aluminium & fiberglass. Up to 2" in DIA and from ~5' to 20+' long, some NEW. Including thrust-bearings, thrust-collars, Wx-tight boxes suitable for antenna switching & such, Rx pre-amplifiers & other ~related fittings/accessories. Cheap like ‘borscht’!

60′ Self-supporting, galvanized-steel, commercial MD tower. Six 10′ sections w/ house bracket + guys + base plate +. My 1st tower.... Would make an ideal tilt-over. Plans/~expert advice FREE. ONLY $150.

DELHI 56′ Self-supporting HD tower. Used, but in good condition, down & ready to go, with nuts/bolts/guys. Reduced to $400. -- for the procrastinators -- don't wait for the 1st rains/frost/snows to start your tower/antenna work....

MUCH aluminium tubing from ~1⁄4” to ~2′′ in the desired 'slips-into-the-next-larger-size' dimensions, for your antenna projects. Cheap like ‘borscht’ -- by weight @ scrap alu. prices!

ROTATORS. From TV-types for your VHF/UHF needs, through HAM-IV types to a CREATE RC5A-2 capable of turning large antennas.